How To Wear Polka Dot Trend

1. Mix With Red Color Shades : you can wear the polka dot trend by mix it with red color like ad to it red jacket or burgundy

photo 1(4)2. High Waist Pants : you can wear a polka dot top with high waist pants for more 70s look.June 27, 2012: Miranda Kerr goes to doctor office in Manhatan. Mandatory Credit: Jayme Oak/ Ref.: infusny-228|sp|

3. Mix It With Leather : you can mix it with leather like wearing polka dot top with leather skirt or by wearing a leather jacket with polka dot pants. Miranda-Kerr-kept-things-sexy-leather-pencil-sheer-blouse4. All Over White : you can wear a white polka dot top with white skirt or pants.Olivia-Palermo-tibi shirt and sanlan and theodore skirt5. Cropped Top : you can wear a cropped jacket or cardigan over your flared polka dot dress for more romantic look.4_Sara_Dzesika_Parker6. Sheath Dress : you can wear a sheath polka dot dress for more classic look.3_Ejmi_Rosum

7. All Over Black : you can wear your black polka dot top with black pants with black blazer or cardigan for more sophisticated look.  2817893_IMG_15298. Vintage Look : you can wear a lace polka dot dress if you love the vintage look.main.original

9. Mix It With Bold Color : you can wear your polka dot top with a yellow color skirt or bold pink pants.89878w621_c6a03b643019d15b6ef6ae88cc4957ed

JESSICA ALBA Leaves a Meeting at AOL in Beverly Hills

10. Wear It With Tank top : you can wear a tank top with your polka dot pants or skirt for more causal look.29239172---16451_Victoria_Beckham1

prima-intalnire11. Maxi Polka dot Dress : you can wear maxi polka dot dress with heels and bright lipstick or you can wear it with scarf or hat with gladiator sandals for more bohemian look.  Candela-Novembre-by-STYLEDUMONDE-Street-Style-Fashion-Photography_MG_4388-700x1050

12. Mix It With Lace : you can wear your polka dot skirt with lace top for more feminine look.f101e662b0f46841f504a06a676ee8f1-1IMGP2677a-113. Button Up Shirt Under Polka Dot Sweater : you can wear your classic button up shirt under polka dot sweater with necklace for more preppy look.mustardy414. Wear IT With Sweater : you can wear your polka dot skirt with sweater specially beaded sweater for more feminine look. 11932928204_5a3937915a_c

15. Mix It With Tulle Skirt : you can wear your polka dot top with tulle skirt for more girly look.704b014d0e53a9fce6fec62a6ea9d970

16. Mix It With Pastel Colors : you can wear your polka dot top with pastel color for more feminine look.


17. Peplum Top : you can wear your polka dot skirt or pants with peplum top for more ladylike look.8ebfe410057bc85a96947898f6053cd9

18. Mix It With Jeans : you can wear your polka dot dress with jeans blazer for more causal

19. Overall : you can wear your t-shirt under your overall polka dot or you can wear your polka dot top under overall.2984672_lookbook_polkadot_dungarees-1

20. Pink Polka dot : you can buy pink polka dot top or dress for more girly look.73826_P_1363334656552

21. Maxi Skirt : you can wear your polka dot top with maxi skirt or you can your your maxi polka dot skirt with white top.

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 10: Actress Kirsten Dunst attends Hugo Boss / GQ Party at The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival at Hugo Boss Store on September 10, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Peter Bregg/Getty Images for Hugo Boss)

22. Polka Dot Jumpsuit : you can wear a jumpsuit with polka dot pattern for more causal look.polka-dot-mid-rise-waist-zipped-jumpsuits

23. Mix It With Green color : you can wear your polka dot top with green pants or skirt for more stunning look .2012924102073

24. Polka Dot Vest : you can wear white sheer blouse under your polka dot vest for more chic look.15753d7963821ebc4454558f4435f159

25. Blazer And Slouchy Pants : you can wear with your polka dot top blazer and slouchy pants for more work look.main.original.640x0 (4)26. Polka Dot Blouse : tuck your polka dot blouse into pants and skirts for more feminine look.



27. Mixing Black And Grey : you can wear your polka dot bouse with black coat and grey pants for more office look.diybazaar_tinute_birou_6

28. Mixing Patterns : you can mix floral pattern or striped with polka dot or any another pattern with it.00150h_20130922180452


29. Polka Dot : if your not fan of the trend or just want to ad small touch of it you can just ad polka dot scarf to your look.6.16.12-GBO-FASHION-Black-and-White-Polka-Dot-Scarf-1-1

30. All Over Polka dot : you can wear all over polka dot outfit or you can mix big polka dot pattern with small one.jamie chung 4

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