1. Soft Fabric Blouse : you can wear a houndstooth A-line skirt with wide belt and silk blouse or chiffon blouse for more classy look.4346625_Houndstooth_Skirt_Chicwish-1


9a95944283fcb3278b0475ee2ec02c5a2. Mix It With Jeans : you can wear a houndstooth pants with jeans jacket or jeans shirt for more causal look.IMG_13793. Tuck In Button Up Shirt : you can wear ahoundstooth skirt or pants and tuck in it your button up shirt for more classic look.streetstyle8505-web



4. Button Up Shirt Under Hondstooth Sweater : wear your classic shirt under a houndstooth sweater with a statement necklace for more preppy look. 7e23cd25ed78afa333c46bb701fddb57ways-to-wear-houndstooth-print-in-winter_01fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear5. Bright Color Houndstooth : you can choose bright color like candy pink or yellow instead of dark ones like bright houndstooth coat or skirt for more girly look.

INeff-26. Houndstooth Suit : you can benefit from houndstooth trend in your work by wearing houndstooth suit.head-to-toe-houndstooth-printed-outfit7. High Waist Pants : you can wear a houndstooth sweater with a high waist pants for more 70s lookChloe 28. Polo Shirt : you can wear a polo shirt with a houndstooth skirt for more preppy look.33b25bce706dd3f3a264e79c282354989. Houndstooth Coat : you can buy houndstooh coat and ad it to your wardrobe for more trendy chic look.Houndstooth-Print3

18www.hoardoftrends.com_10 . Mix It With Leather : you can wear a houndstooth pants with a leather jacket or you can wear a houndstooth shirt with a leather pants857e4b3379f4f20f425f1f61a6f71ec811. Houndstooth Jumpsuit : you can wear a houndstooth jumpsuit for more cool causal look.Screen-shot-2013-10-29-at-12.55.53-PM12. Houndstooth Scarf : if your not fan of the trend or you just want to ad a small touch of it you can just ad scarf to your look8098665_fpx13. Cropped Jacket : wear a houndstooth cropped jacket with a line skirt for more romantic look . Ini-Dia-7-Jenis-Rok-yang-Wajib-Ada-di-Lemari-Kamu-midi-skirt14. Blanket Coat : you can wear a blanket houndstooth coat over your clothes for more boho look.blanket cape

15. Houndstooth Vest : you can wear a classic button up shirt specially white one under a houndstooth vest for more chic look.2900942-3-2x16. Mix It with Bright Color :  mix the trend with bright colors specially red color like wearing red jacket over a houndstooth sweater.202dc9ce0d6b4f72fa72e4ff4a106ca6

17. High Neck Sweater : you can wear a high neck sweater under sleeveless houndstooth dress for more preppy lookHoundstooth_vest_dress-118. Fitted Jacket : you can wear a fitted jacket  with belt over pencil skirt for more 50s look.589a3e3e1f75899bd326f416b373bb4c

19. Houndstooth Blouse : you can buy houndstooth bow blouse and wear it with classic pants .biraz-nostalji,mlmI44-VbEm2WuLgYsGTOg

20. Mix It With Pastel Colors : you can wear a houndstooth skirt with a pastel color for more soft feminine look.0169a837f56dadb5081dc38e2a4b2af6


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